The All New "Slimline" Range of Arcade Cabinets

With the existing stock of original arcade cabinets deminishing fast, and the growing demands of more modern emulators we have designed our own range of purpose built cabinets. Designed in-house and CNC cut from the best materials these are exceptionally high quality machines, built to last and look great for many years.


We have taken the very best in terms of design from the past, and incorporated modern construction and safety features to produce a truely outstanding cabinet which caters for the requirements of even the most demanding emulator. User convenience features include front mounted USB3 ports, easy access volume control and a "hidden" slide-out keyboard and mouse draw.


We have incorporated light gun installation into the design so that placement of the light-bar and gun holsters are optimal. All of the buttons are ergonomically and conveniently placed, and operation is simplicity itself.


The use of modern LED screens keeps power consumption and heat generation to a minimum, while the optional inclusion of hardware scanline generators keeps the viewing experience as authentic as possible. LED screens are also considerably thinner than traditional CRT monitors - hence the reduction in depth and the "slimline" name.


These new cabinets are the perfect choice for those looking for a premium specification machine coupled with zero maintenance and modern contemporary styling. Available in 2 player and 4 player versions with a wide range of customisation options these cabinets are the future of high-end emulation gaming.


CandyCab Slimline 2 Player
"Hidden" keyboard draw
Control Panel
2 Player Cabinet Dimensions

CandyCab 2 Player Slimline as specified above - £3995.00


  • Dual light guns - £250.00
  • Dual light guns with recoil option - £450.00
  • Dual light gun holsters - £80.00


All prices are inclusive of VAT

The CandyCab 4 Player Slimline Cabinet


At the very top end of our new Slimline Range sits the truely beautiful 4 Player cabinet. This Goliath of a machine sports an extended control panel with full support for 4 players plus additional admin buttons. Designed from the ground up to provide the most comprehensive set of controls available today, whilst keeping to our ergonomic principles - this cabinet is easy to use and fully featured.


Each of the 4 players has 7 buttons, plus a start button and additional pinball "flipper" buttons mounted on the base of the control panel. We have kept the clutter to a minimum and still provided a full sized trackball with plenty of operating space around it.


These machines are built to order and take 80+ hours to complete, so please bear that in mind if you'd like to own one.

4 Player Slimline Cabinet
4 Player Cabinet - Front View
4 Player Control Panel
4 Player Cabinet Dimensions

4 Player cabinet specification as above:-


  • 4 Player control panel with Sanwa joysticks and Happ competition pro buttons
  • Happ 3" trackball
  • Front mounted USB3 ports
  • Underglow lighting
  • Custom artwork (sides, front, marquee & control panel underlay)


Price as specified - £4,995.00




  • Dual Ultimarc Aimtrack Lightguns  +£250.00
  • Dual Ultimarc Aimtrack Lightguns with recoil option +£450.00
  • 2 x Metal holsters for Aimtrack Lightguns +£80.00


*built to order only, allow 8 weeks for delivery once order is accepted.

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