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Please Note: - We are experiencing issues with our supply chain due to Covid-19 and Brexit. We have therefore temporarily stopped accepting any new orders until these issues can be resolved.


At CandyCabs we build custom arcade machines. Our cabinets are designed to run emulation software such as MAME, Dolphin, Project64, ZSNES, ePSXe, Chancast and many more. We aim to give you the ultimate arcade gaming experience with the minimum of fuss. CandyCabs has been trading since 2006 and has many satisfied customers – we are all about quality and reliability and our emulation cabinets are second to none.

The key to our success is attention to detail and the use of the very best components. Our cabinets are constantly evolving as we discover new technology and incorporate it into our designs. We have a number of different models to suit different tastes and budgets – but all are built to the same high standard. 


The most critical component of a great arcade build is the control panel – it is after all the interface between you and the games and getting this right makes the difference between a long-term usable cabinet and a quirky toy. We have spent many years getting the design just right, so our machines strike that balance between usability, comfort, convenience and quality. Our control panels are multi-layer CNC cut and machine finished to match or exceed the quality of brand new control panels found on arcade machines today.


Customisation is often very important to our clients, and we offer complete freedom over choice of joysticks, buttons, micro-switches, artwork, body finish, illumination and internal PC specification. We only use the very best components from quality manufacturers including Suzo/Happ, Cherry, Sanwa, Seimitsu, Hantarex & Ultimarc. Although we have a number of “standard” models, each build is unique and designed to meet a client’s particular requirements totally.


Since 2015 we have been manufacturing our own range of purpose built "SlimLine" arcade cabinets. These have been designed in-house to accommodate all of the requirements of classic arcade emulators and more modern console emulators that have become viable over recent years. These cabinets use 100% brand new materials and components and are built to the highest possible standards. The use of LED screens cuts down on weight, electricity consumption and physical depth - making them even more suitable for modern day use. We will be expanding our range of new machines during 2020.

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