Fully Assembled "Empty" Cabinets For Project Builders

We are delighted to announce the launch and immediate availability of a new product from CandyCabs!


The SlimLine 2 Player cabinet is our most popular model and has been designed from scratch to provide the ultimate in comfort, features and performance to ensure the best possible retro gaming experience.


Responding to numerous requests for plans, kits and individual components from our product range by enthusiasts who wish to build their own cabinets, we have decided to make our SlimLine 2 Player cabinet available to the hobby market. This will enable cabinet builders to craft their own machine without having to do all the woodwork, design and complex joinery procedures.

The SlimLine 2 Player “Empty” Cabinet comes fully assembled and ready to populate with your own choice of controls, monitor and emulation PC. We have included all the necessary custom designed hardware to give a thoroughly professional finish including steel trim items and purpose-built fixings.


We include a full 3-layer control panel including the wooden base, steel trim plate and acrylic cover – all CNC cut to ensure a perfect fit. The rear access door is fitted with a strong hinge and comes complete with a new lock and key set.

This project cabinet is exactly the same as the ones we use in the production of our ready to play machines. It uses the same high-quality materials, the same fittings and encompasses the same unique features including our “hidden” keyboard and mouse drawer incorporated into the design. We provide a mounting solution for a 32” monitor and even the access holes for neat and safe cable management.


Using this cabinet as a base for your arcade project will give you the perfect foundation upon which to build and avoid the difficult and often expensive pitfalls of designing and building your own base unit. You will also have the advantage of custom fabricated trim that give this cabinet the best finish available in the market today.

The SlimLine 2 Player “Empty” Cabinet is available now directly from CandyCabs at the introductory price of £999.00 + shipping. Please contact us to place your order.




What material is it made from?

This cabinet uses exactly the same materials as we do in our production models. The main chassis is constructed using a high-quality black melamine coated MDF. This material is strong and durable and has the advantage of a perfectly smooth face which makes applying vinyl graphics much easier. The steelwork is laser cut and then black satin powder coated for protection. Our control panel cover is CNC cut from 5mm clear cast acrylic.


How heavy is it?

Well, I wouldn’t try to bench press one! It’s been built to last and is very solid. It’s shipping weight is 88Kg, but obviously it will get heavier as you add components to complete the build. It does come fitted with a set of heavy-duty castors though, so moving it around on flat surfaces is really easy to do.


What are the dimensions?

This cabinet has been designed to work in a domestic environment – so unlike others it will fit through a standard door frame. The actual dimensions are 796mm x 1806mm x 697mm including castors and control panel. The control panel is removable which will save you another 20mm in width and 10mm in depth if you are tying to squeeze it through a particularly narrow space.


Why is it pre-built? Can’t I just buy it as a kit and build it myself?

We get asked that a lot! Our cabinets were designed to be built by us, not as flat-pack kits. We are professional joiners and have the advantage of a fully equipped workshop at our disposal. We designed the cabinet to have no visible joinery to further enhance our top-of-the-range quality goals for our products. This means that the cabinets must be assembled in a certain way and using tools and techniques that we have developed in-house over many years. We use custom jigs, shop-fabricated clamps and intricate measuring tools to ensure that each cabinet is assembled to our fastidious quality standards.


What joysticks and buttons will fit?

On our production models we use Sanwa joysticks and Happ competition-pro buttons, but our panel will accept any brand of joystick or button that complies with industry standard mounting formats. This includes LED illuminated buttons or even RGB illuminated if desired. The trackball mounting space is designed to accept an Ultimarc U-track 3” trackball.


What monitors does it support?

The cabinet is designed to house a 32” LED/LCD monitor with some space all around to allow for adequate ventilation. Our monitor mounting plate is designed for a standard 100 x 100 VESA mounting which is the most commonly available on modern HD monitors and TVs.


Will it take a US power supply?

Our cabinets have a separate and secure compartment for the mains inlet and power supplies. We use a UK 240v power supply and IEC socket on our production models, but the space will easily accommodate an alternative power supply for builders outside the UK.


How does delivery work?

We ship the completed units upright on a palette. Within the UK we offer 24 hour or 48 hour shipping, but this depends upon location. We do ship to locations outside the UK, but special terms and conditions may apply.


What about artwork? Do you supply that too?

The cabinet ships without artwork. We do offer a printing service and a choice of themes for artwork designed to work well with these cabinets and this is available as a separate service. Alternatively, if you would like to design your own artwork we can provide photoshop templates to ensure that your design will fit perfectly.


Is it pre-routed for t-moulding?

Yes it is.


How much t-moulding would I need?

To complete both sides and the control panel perimeter you will require 13m of ¾ inch t-moulding.


Can you recommend a UK supplier for the components I’ll need?

Over the years we have worked with many different suppliers for our arcade components. Right now we are working with Arcade World UK -  https://www.arcadeworlduk.com/ and Ultimarc - https://www.ultimarc.com/ for the majority of the parts we need. Both are highly recommended.

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