Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why buy from us?


CandyCabs is a well-established, family run business which has been trading since 2006. We take pride in what we produce and especially our high level of after sales service.


British manufacturing. Each cabinet is designed using CAD software and cut using a state of the art CNC machine for a precision finish every time, then hand built and finished to the highest standard.


We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality emulation based arcade cabinets available anywhere. Other vendors may appear to offer similar products at lower prices but we recommend that you carefully investigate the quality of the materials and components that they use, and the quality of their design and workmanship. In our experience it is always worth paying a little extra for authentic components and craftsmanship - you generally get what you pay for at the end of the day.


Q: How long does delivery take?


CandyCabs workshop in Irvine, Scotland uses the latest CNC routing machines to reduce the time needed to build your machine to your custom specifications without sacrificing quality.


Using these advances, we are able to custom fabricate each arcade machine in just 5-7 business days and each digital pinball machine in just 10-15 business days.


We build to order unless specified, we do not hold stock, every machine is hand built to a very high standard with care and attention to detail. If you need your cabinet for a specific date please contact us before ordering.


Q: Can I buy just the cabinet / plans / artwork / drive?


No. We only sell complete systems.



We do not charge for any software installed on our machines.

This is a free addition which uses publicly available emulators, applications and utilities that are provided to the arcade gaming community free of charge by the authors. Anyone may freely download this software from the Internet.


Under no circumstances should you pay anyone for a copy of this software as it is not for sale. CandyCabs does not sell or distribute any software online.


For further information on our software policy please click here


Q: Can you fit a coin mech?


No. Our cabinets are designed for home and office environments only. They are not for commercial use. We do not provide any method of taking cash or payment for play on our machines.


Q: Do you sell ROMS or JAMMA boards?


No. We sell cabinet hardware only. JAMMA boards can easily be obtained through specialist resellers or auction sites such as Ebay. Game ROMS are available in the Public Domain and can be downloaded as required via the Internet.


Q: What’s the PC Spec?


Our standard PC specification already exceeds the minimum recommendations for running most emulation based games. If you are going to be running very modern PC games you may wish to upgrade to an even faster gaming rig.


Standard Spec: Intel i7 cpu, 8Gb RAM, 120Gb SSD, 8Tb HDD, Nvidia GT710 GPU – Novabench score 1164


Enhanced Spec: AMD Ryzen 5 cpu, 8Gb RAM, 120Gb SSD, 8TB HDD, Radeon Vega GPU – Novabench score 1649


If you wish to have another spec PC built and installed, please contact us with requirements for a quote.


Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?


CandyCabs offers a 12-month RTB (return to base) warranty on all electronics and hardware for our arcade cabinets and digital pinball machines. We do not offer any warranty on software that has been provided free of charge and for demonstration purposes only.


If any components fail during the warranty period due to normal use, we will replace the faulty component free of charge.


If your cabinet needs service and/or support for whatever reason outside of the warranty period, just CONTACT US for a service quote and we’ll have your machine back up and running in no time!


Q: What happens if I have a problem with the PC or other components?


Your PC can be sent back within the warranty timeframe if faulty.

Please note: As we do not charge for software, any loss of data is not covered under warranty if you or another person has accidentally or intentionally:

deleted files

changed the original settings of controls, emulators, operating system, etc.

updated or replaced original files or settings

installed any additional software


We will replace a mechanically faulty hard drive within the PC warranty period without charge.


You pay return shipping (and insurance) to our workshop.


Other electronic/mechanical components, such as buttons, joysticks, trackballs, game controller boards, lighting, TV screen(s), and speaker system (as applicable to your build) may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty – we will advise on a case by case basis.


Q: Do you ship world-wide?


YES, we ship worldwide - Please email us your address for a quote


If your mains electrical supply is 110v please let us know in advance so we can convert the cabinet for you before shipping


Q: How Do I Get My Cabinet To My Home?


Every cabinet can be picked up from our workshop in Irvine, Scotland at no charge. If you are unable to provide adequate packaging for safe transport there will be a packaging fee of £35 for pallet, bubble wrap and wooden crate, if required.


We also offer fast, professional shipping options to have your machine delivered right to your doorstep where it’s ready to play in minutes. Just CONTACT US with your address for a delivery quote.


Cabinets typically arrive on a pallet. We recommend two able bodied people being present. Our couriers offer kerbside delivery only.


Q: Do you sell to retailers?


No sorry we don't sell to retailers or amusement parks, private users only.


Q: What Games Will It Play?


For our two-player and four-player upright arcade cabinets, the short answer is, “many thousands”. All of our machines ship with fully-licensed versions of the Windows 10 operating system and the Hyper-Spin arcade interface on the front end to allow you fast, easy access to the full library of arcade and console games available.


Each upright cabinet comes with an 8 TeraByte hard drive as standard, so there’s plenty of room for a complete collection. Our machines are more than capable of playing arcade, PC and console games from the 1970’s classics right up to modern day hits.


Our digital pinball machines ship pre-loaded with more than 30 fully-licensed Pinball FX2 digital-exclusive creations, as well as fully-licensed versions of the Windows 10 operating system and the Hyper-Pin digital pinball exclusive interface to access dozens of classic tables in your collection.


Q: Do your cabinets play more than just games?


Our cabinets are designed to do one job exceptionally well and that's play retro arcade games exactly as the original machines did.


The PC within the cabinet is a powerful gaming rig, capable of running multiple applications including Jukeboxes, modern PC games and video players. These applications are not provided by CandyCabs and installation and configuration is the responsibility of the Buyer.


Q: How do I Order?


You can order an arcade machine by emailing us at Alternatively you can call our workshop on 01294 215384 during office hours to place the order over the phone.


We offer friendly one on one advice on purchasing the correct Arcade Cabinet for you.


All our cabinets are made to order here in the UK. We do not import arcades from China like many others.

We are located at:

10 Whittle Place


North Ayrshire

KA11 4HR

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If you have any queries or wish to place an order, please contact us:


Telephone between 09:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday:-


01294 215384


Genuine sales enquiries only please!


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