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CandyCabs started back in 2004 as a hobby. Mike Cox wanted to play original Arcade games using traditional controls and after some research discovered the growing craze of building MAME cabinets. Following some experimentation with commercial solutions such as the X-Arcade controller he decided that a full-sized machine was the way to go.


At around that time old and used JAMMA arcade machines were very undervalued and many were simply being scrapped, broken down and thrown into landfill. Those that were still available could be bought very cheaply on eBay and sourcing them was quite easy. Mike bought an old and very tired example and set about taking it apart to understand how it worked.


As it turns out - JAMMA is not rocket science and repairing broken looms, micro-switches and power supplies is relatively easy. Mike quickly had the old machine up and running again and was able to play games from his collection of original JAMMA boards. The next step was to conect and configure a PC running MAME and this was easily achieved using purpose built interfaces from Ultimarc.


Having the ability to run many hundreds of games on one cabinet - using original controllers and viewed on a real arcade monitior was a revelation and the machine became very popular at parties and family gatherings. It became so popular infact that many of Mike's friends asked where they could get one? Mike explained that these were not commercially available but offered to build machines for his friends.


Friends told friends, and soon just by word of mouth Mikes reputation for building great machines spread far and wide. In 2006 the volume of old arcade machines being purchased warranted a Limited Company being formed and so CandyCabs was born.


The term "Candycab" refers to a particular type of plastic bodied Japanese arcade cabinet, and since Mike had just purchased 100 ex Betting Terminals that looked exactly lkike them it seemed appropriate for the company name. Mike continued to build cabinets for friends and recommended clients on a part-time basis between 2006 and 2014. In 2015 Mike retired from a 20+ year career in the Computer Games Industry to concentrate on CandyCabs full time. CandyCabs remains a small, family owned and run business where quality comes first and customer satisfaction is always our priority.

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