Previous Projects

Here is a selection of cabinets we have built for our clients.

This bright orange Street Fighter themed CandyCab Classic Custom went to a very happy customer in East Anglia. Upgrades included full body wrap in Porsche Orange, custom side art, upgraded CRT, upgraded PC and custom lighting. The end result was amazing and it fitted perfectly into his "Man Cave".

In 2010, and in response to many requests from our clients we started to build wooden bodied machines. These larger machines give more room on the control panel and allow for more options. Many of our clients wanted to play games on original Arcade monitors for the ultimate in authenticity. This model was based on the Golden Tee Midi Chassis by Electrocoin.

Once we caught the customisation bug there was no stopping us! This ultimate CandyCab has custom everything....


Pearl Blue Candy paint - Custom control panel with trackball - multicolour illuminated buttons (and trackball) - custom PC - custom front-end software and menus - touch screen jukebox. The list goes on and on :)

We've produced a number of cocktail cabinet conversions too. Fitting a new screen, high performance PC, audio amp and full control set into these smaller cabinets is a challenge but we got there in the end. This one had a custom front end menu system and ran just under 9,000 games.

Pretty soon we started to offer customisation and upgrade options. This Red CandyCab had an upgraded PC capable of playing the more demanding 3D games and modern ROMS. Our client was particularly fond of the Metal Slug series so we made sure it was tuned for optimum performance.

This is where it all began - way back in 2006. We have sold more than 100 of the original model "classic" CandyCabs. These were available in blue or red and used the OEM PC that came with the ex-FOBT chassis. 

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