Please note: We have a very limited number of ABS bodies remaining and will not be replacing stock once depleted. If you require one of our CandyCab Classics please get in touch for a quote.

The CandyCab Classic

A plastic bodied machine, formerly a Fixed Odds Betting Terminal, which most closely resembles the look of the traditional Japanese CandyCabs. This cabinet has a removable bottom section which makes it easily adjustable to standing or seated play. Full 2 player controls, including trackball and flipper buttons. A 19 inch SVGA CRT monitor gives crystal clear visuals, whilst the built-in 3M touch-screen adds functionality and supports the more modern quiz and skills based games.

CandyCab Classic

Physical dimensions are 160cm tall by 84cm deep by 61cm wide. This is our most compact cabinet and easily fits through domestic doors. It is relatively light at 60kg and easily manoeuvrable with the aid of fixed castors at the rear.


Standard Configuration


  • Body Colour – White
  • Graphics Options – CandyCabs/MAME Logo Marquee, contrast Blue / metallic sparkle high gloss control panel.
  • Buttons – Multicolour Happ Pro convex with Cherry micro-switches
  • Joysticks – 2 x Sanwa 4/8 way switchable with Red ball tops
  • Trackball – Happ 2.25 inch trackball (red)


Base Price - sorry, nolonger available.


Please note - only available while stocks of the plastic chassis last

CandyCab Classic Custom


Many of our clients love the compact dimensions and modern design of our Classic model, but want to add custom features to further enhance their cabinet. We offer a wide range of customisation options including, but not limited to those below:-


  • CRT Upgrade - replacing the 19" SVGA screen with a larger CRT running at true arcade 15hz for more authentic viewing of classic games.
  • Illuminated controls - buttons and/or joysticks illuminated in any combination of colours.
  • Additional lighting - under glow effect in any colour
  • Custom art - marquee, control panel and side art available in any design
  • Computer upgrade - want to play racing games at 60fps? Avoid ANY slow down on modern fighting games. Upgrade the PC CPU, Graphics card or storage for even greater performance.
CandyCab Classic Custom

Options included above:-

  • CRT Upgrade
  • Illuminated buttons
  • Custom side art
  • Under-glow option


Price as specified - sorry, nolonger available


Please note - only available while stocks of the plastic chassis last

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