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We sell emulation hardware. That is, we sell the physical cabinets, controllers, interface cards and customised PCs required to run any number of game emulators quickly and easily. We do not sell software.


HyperSpin is a licence free front-end available in the public domain completely free of charge. It is well supported by its own official web page and forum, along with countless user created forums, facebook pages and other online communities. We sometimes provide HyperSpin, free of charge, pre-installed on our hardware to demonstrate the capabilities of our machines as a convenience to our customers. This is a courtesy only and does not form any part of our contract with our customers. We do not offer support for HyperSpin.


There are many different emulators available that allow older game hardware to be simulated and games to be played. These emulators are typically available free of charge and are written by enthusiasts to enable the playing of retro game ROMS. Most are well supported by either their official web page or other online communities. As these emulators are typically written by amateur coders in their spare time they are not subject to the usual software compliance procedures associated with commercial software. They may contain errors, bugs, glitches and other defects. We do not support any of the emulators running under HyperSpin that may have been pre-loaded onto our hardware for demonstration purposes only.


Software Standards


Any software, drivers or configurations that we provide as part of our hardware sale will be set-up in default mode for maximum compatibility. Specifically, the Ultimarc iPac interface boards will be configured to work with the default MAME key configuration – ensuring that they will work with all versions of MAME without the need for additional work. When supplied we will configure Ultimarc Aimtrak lightguns to work in their default mode for maximum compatibility. Additionally, any other hardware supplied by us will be configured to work with the desired emulator(s) using the factory supplied software.


Legal Use Of Emulators


It is not illegal to use emulators. Provided they are not used for commercial gain you are not in breach of any laws by playing retro games. To ensure that we stay within the law we do not provide hardware capable of accepting payment in any form for the playing of these games. None of our hardware is fitted with coin mechs or note acceptors. Our cabinets are designed for home or private office use only, and should not be placed in commercial premises where payment might be taken for their use.


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